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Water treatment, waste water treatment, anaerobic digestion and composting Technology transfer.


ODESSOL is an association of technology transfer hosted in the school of water engineering at the National School of Engineers of Limoges. The center for technology transfer is backed by the Research Group on Water-Soil-Environment (GRESE) University of Limoges.

Activities and products

The goal for our clients is to provide an answer to the problems of design, evolution processes and dysfunction.

The structure fulfilled :

  • Tests on semi-industrial pilot in the areas of water treatment, anaerobic digestion and composting.
  • Studies of techno-economic feasibility of industrial projects in development.
  • Method development, testing protocols, drivers and specific analyzes.
  • Transfer of innovative technologies to the industrial sphere in support of the university laboratory GRESE (Research Group Soil Water Environment).


GRESE, Limousin regional council, ENSIL, ministry of research


16, rue Atlantis
87068 Limoges cedex
Tél. 33(0)5 55 42 36 70 /