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METIS Biotecnologies

METIS Biotechnologies is a company specializing in the microbiological diagnosis for industry (agribusiness, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals).

We market solutions for rapid analysis: automatic analyzers (laboratory and semi-industrial) and the associated microbiological diagnostic reagents.

Activities and products

METIS Biotechnologies has patented a method for detection of microorganisms using the technology of flow cytometry. We developed partnership with world leading manufacturers of flow cytometers which allows us to provide fully automated analysis platforms for our customers.

At the heart of its knowledge, the kits developed, manufactured and commercialized by METIS Biotechnology allow a specific detection or not of microorganisms in a very short time. Thus, the results are obtained in severals minutes to 72 hours instead of 2 to 15 days obtained with other methods.

Our range extends from the test of sterility for aseptically packaged products such as pasteurized milk, fruit juices, baby food, to detecting specific pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella ...

The customers of METIS Biotechnology, the great names of french and international industry, are the internal laboratories of the industrial production sites and the laboratory service providers.

The fast time-to-results of its microbiological methods allows its customers to secure their brand and their consumers, to save money on logistics and to be more responsive in the design and the control of their products.


METIS Biotechnologies
Contact : M. Bruno VEDRINE
1, avenue d'ESTER / ESTER Technopole / 87069 LIMOGES CEDEX
Tel: 05 55 42 67 00 / F: 05 55 42 67 01