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IRCER : Institute of Research On Ceramics

CNRS UMR 7315 (University of Limoges)

Research activities on the processing and functionalization by active molecules (proteins, drug susbtances) of phosphocalcic ceramics for applications in the field of bone tissue surgery.


The IRCER is composed of 80 researchers and teacher-researchers, 30 technicians and engineers and a hundred PhD students, post –doctoral fellows or trainees.
The institute conducts multidisciplinary research activities between materials science and process engineering and combines fundamental and applied approaches that aim to understand, characterize, master, and model the different processes that lead to the achievement of an object or a deposit layer with one or more properties for a given use. In the field of health the activities are developed by a multidisciplinary group composed of 7 teacher-researchers (4 chemists and ceramists, 2 pharmacists, a biologist), 2 surgeons and a technician whose activities at IRCER are dedicated to bioceramics.
The IRCER hosts a technological platform (CARMALIM) for material characterization open to external services and partnerships. Unique in Europe, it benefits from a great number and variety of equipments and the know-how of technicians, engineers, as well as the scientific support of IRCER researchers and teacher-researchers.

Activities and products

In the biomedical field, IRCER activities focus on the design and processing of ceramic biomaterials with original properties for targeted applications in the field of bone surgery (personalized, regenerative medicine, bone tissue engineering, targeted delivery of active molecules). Our multidisciplinary organization covers the whole chain of scientific competences: synthesis of specific powders, design and shaping of scaffolds architectures by additive manufacturing, functionalization of bioceramics by inclusion and release of active molecules, in vitro (and in vivo in collaboration with the University Hospital of Limoges) biological evaluations.
IRCER is also working on the development of biosensors for the diagnosis and treatment of early tumors.


"Bioceramics" research group at IRCER develops its activities in the framework of national and international collaborative projects with numerous academic actors and is a member of the CNRS-INSERM multi-institutes GDR "Repair the Human" which gathers more than 130 partners : academic, hospital centers and manufacturers.

We want to strengthen our industrial partnerships in connection with our activities linked to the development of implantable devices or with our expertise in biomaterials characterization techniques.


Eric CHAMPION, Professeur, Directeur de l'Institut 
Centre Européen de la Céramique | 12 rue Atlantis | 87068 Limoges
Tel. : +33(0)5 87 50 23 63 / Fax +33(0)5 87 50 23 09
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