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SEQENS Cosmetics

Field of expertise

Manufacturer of botanical ingredients for cosmetics that offers vegetable extracts, extracts titrated in molecules and active ingredients. 


Since 1993, the activity of SEQENS Cosmetics (formerly ID bio) is based on strong and incontrovertible values: know-how, creation and behaviour

  • Know-how
    Mastered process (enzymatic engineering, selective precipitation, centrifugation, sterilizing and molecular filtration, etc.), complete equipment (bioreactor, filter presses, ultrafiltration system, white rooms etc.) and production tool (2200 m² of facilities and new manufacturing areas) that enable to promote this know-how
  • Creation
    At the very heart of each project, innovation and R&D enable to create custom made ingredients dedicated to client’s needs. At the same time, products are developed against a background of traceability, analysis and rigorous controls, so as to guaranty an optimum quality.
  • Behaviour 
    With dynamism and reactivity, SEQENS Cosmetics team strengthens its presence besides the clients. The company also provides a reliable technical, regulatory and marketing support.

In the same way, the firm goes ahead in the QSE approach based on ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. 

Activities and products

SEQENS Cosmetics created botanical ingredients with biotechnology processes perfectly adapted to beauty industry. The company offers the following ranges for the skin care, hair care, make-up and toiletries actors.

Botanical extracts issued from more than 400 vegetable references

  • Botanical extracts issued from more than 400 vegetable references 

  • Titrated extracted with identification and titration of an active molecule

  • Active ingredients with substantiated claims (in vitro and ex vivo testing as well as clinical studies)

Research is a cornerstone service in any innovating company. SEQENS Cosmetics falls into this category and promotes the development of new products by each year reinvesting over 15% of its turnover into research, the source of all inspiration. Those ranges are expanded each year with new references to answer at best the market requirements.


ID bio
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