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Founded in Limoges in 2005, I. Ceram designs, manufactures and commercializes innovative orthopaedic implants (15 international patents) and ceramic implants offering unique biocompatibility.

Based on its know-how and more than 30 years of management experience, the company has decided to accelerate its development on bioceramics.

I. Ceram is an "innovative company" certified ISO 13485 and benefits from the CE marking for all its implant ranges. The company successfully completed a €2.7 million private placement and floated on Alternext Euronext Paris on December 19,2014.


December 2005 sees the creation of a company dedicated to the manufacture of orthopaedic implants in the European Ceramic Pole: I. Ceram is the fruit of a close collaboration between the needs of patients and surgeons specializing in skeletal surgery.

I. Ceram's project has always been to develop ranges of orthopaedic implants as close as possible to the anatomy of the skeleton, taking into account its complexities, with the ambition to use the qualities of different ceramic materials. This expertise in the field of restorative surgery enables the birth of several ranges of implants, its teams rely on more than 30 years of advice, dialogues with surgical teams whether they are orthopedic, neurosurgical or cardiac thoracic.

With a fully integrated value chain, I. Ceram also has its own ceramic, biology and chemistry laboratories in which its research teams finalize the development of tomorrow's implants.

Products & Services

The Company has developed a range of alumina-based products (the chemical composition of which is Al2O3) with a porosity equivalent to the natural bone structure. The trademark of this range of ceramic implants is Céramil®.

I. Ceram's teams are working to develop innovative implants for targeted indications for which there is little or no satisfactory solution. To this end, the company's researchers intend to use the specific qualities of Ceramil® technology :

  • mechanical strength superior to that of natural bone,

  • a porous structure that allows bone colonization,

  • surface qualities allowing it to be less favourable to the development of infections,

  • a porosity that allows loading into an active substance and thus, once implanted, allows delivery (a " relargage ") of the molecule to the core of the bone.

The marketing of a surgical solution combining both bone reconstruction and localized and controlled delivery of drug substances is a real breakthrough compared to conventional surgery.

World premiere: successful implantation of a sternum loaded with antibiotics (2015)

23 June 2015: Limoges University Hospital and I. CERAM, specialist in ceramic implants, announce the realization of the 1st worldwide implantation of a cernum in porous alumina ceramic CERAMIL designed and developed by I. CERAMIL. The operation carried out on March 19, at the Limoges University Hospital by Dr. François Bertin with a cancer patient was successful.

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World premiere: Implantation of a loaded femur (2017)

I. Ceram performed its first implant of a ceramic filled with antibiotic (gentamicin) in a femur. This operation was performed during the summer of 2017 to replace the inferior bone part.

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