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ESTER Limoges Technopole

The ESTER Limoges Science Park provides entrepreneurs and project initiators an environment that is conducive to company creation, investment or development, mainly in the fields of innovation or high technology.
Situated at the heart of the regional innovation chain and of its different tools, ESTER Technopole gathers actors specialized to make easier the development of the projects (business and technological incubator, capital venture, consulting, innovation financing…). Its job is made of three different missions: organizing skills and creating skills networks, promoting land and knowledge, and prospecting.


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E.S.T.E.R. (Scientific and Technological Space for Exchange and Research) is a ressources and exchange center who concentrates on a same place industry (SMEs, young ventures and groups), research (public and private laboratories, technological transfer centers, competitiveness clusters) and training (engineering schools).

This proximity, which means concentration of expertises, is a source of synergy and colaborations. ESTER is located on a 210 ha park which reconciles economic and sustainable development.

Activities and products

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ESTER Limoges Science Park is being built up around five fields of competences: ceramics, materials & surface treatments, electronics & telecommunications, water & environment, engineering, and health & biotechnologies.

This sector, which originated in Limousin’s stockbreeding tradition and important agrifood industry, is developped in ESTER around SMEs and young ventures, specialized in medical diagnosis, microbiological diagnosis, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.


In 2011, ESTER concentrates 149 firms, 1687 employees and 810 students. In 2010, 8 business creations and 22 newly set up companies. ESTER Technopole is a member of RETIS (the French network of Science Parks, CEEI, and Incubators) and of IASP (International Association of Science Parks).


ESTER Limoges Technopole
D.D.T.L.L. Délégation pour le Développement de la Technopole de Limoges et du Limousin
Président : Alain Rodet
Délégué Général : Fabrice Macquet
BP 6901 / 87069 Limoges cedex / Tél. 33(0)5 55 42 60 00 / Fax 33(0)5 55 42 60 05 /