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Our skills


We offer our know-how and expertise in the field of the environment, especially in:


  • Help in pollution treatments

Our areas of expertise are : water (purification, treatments, economy), wastes (management, composting, anaerobic digestion, treatment, industrial effluent) and soill (spreading, cleanup pollution).

We can help you at different levels of your project: from studies (pilot testing, modeling, technical and economic aspects) to analyses (micropolluants, toxicity et biodegradability) and also in research and development (technology transfer, creation of pilot)

  • Microorganisms Research

We have a method for detecting and fast counting of microorganism (including cyanobacteria) by flow cytometry in samples of various kinds.


  • Plant products alternative from the petrochemical industr

We offer our expertise in plant chemistry, chemistry of natural substances and glycochemistry to develop products and processes more environmentally friendly.


  • Purpose of environmental and non-food valorisation of agricultural resources

We are able to carry out studies on the ability of plants to clean up contaminated brownfield by metal and/or organic pollutants (phytoremediation) but also to develop filters for micropollutants by modification of sawdust or barks.