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Green materials, edible films and coatings. By means of green technologies and using bio sourced polymers and minerals, ECOMERIS designs two types of products: edible films & coatings, and bio plastics with applications in food industry, health and nutrition, veterinary or cosmetics.


ECOMERIS is a start-up supported by the Natural Substances Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Limoges. Specialized in the valorization of natural resources, ECOMERIS offers an original and environmental-friendly approach to the development of innovative materials with advanced properties, based on a combination of bio polymers and minerals.

Activities and products

ECOMERIS is a strongly R&D oriented company, which develops unique custom made solutions using its know-how in :

  • Formulation of bio sourced materials, thanks to its scientific expertise in natural polymers and minerals properties.
  • Physico-chemical and mechanical characterization of biomaterials Implementation with various technological processes: spraying systems, coatings, encapsulation, and extrusion.

ECOMERIS is involved in the development of two great types of products :

  • Edible films & coatings : used as a thin film coating, encapsulation material, edible films, soluble strips or dosage sachets, these films will bring physical protection, or increase shelf life, or will be used as a carrier for active ingredients.
  • Bio plastics : made from bio sourced polymers and minerals, these innovative compounds can be processed on traditional plastic machineries, and have advanced barrier and mechanical properties.

Products developed by ECOMERIS will find applications in numerous markets like food industry, health and nutrition, veterinary, cosmetics or packaging.



Novapole - ZAC de la NAU - 19240 Saint Viance
Tel. +33(0)5 55 22 17 95
Mobile. +33(0)6 08 36 43 80