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Research and development in Green Chemistry : Covertis is specialized in the development of chemical products and processes using Green Chemistry methods and natural substances. Covertis’s main scientific and technical knowledge are concerning fractionation, purification, characterization and chemical modification of bioactive natural molecules. For that, innovative sustainable methods are developed which can lead to new industrial processes for extraction of active natural substances. Its markets are involved by fine chemistry, cosmetic, para-pharmacy, agro chemistry, food and biotechnologies.


Covertis is a start-up founded in April 2009 by two PhD in organic chemistry. The project development is carried out with the support of the Natural Substances Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Limoges.

Activities and products


Green Chemistry is a scientific philosophy encouraging the design of products and processes using friendly methods for environment and human being. Green Chemistry principles promote unusual reagents and reactive media to minimize use of organic solvents, and favor new physical or chemical activation methods according to new environmental regulations or to minimize costs of conventional processes.



Covertis’s projects are based on two main activities :

  • an offer of advices and research services in green organic chemistry, based on the development of innovating products and processes. Expertise of Covertis in this area allows to its customers to find solutions to develop or renew their production methods taking into accounts some aspects of sustainable chemistry.
  • and an internal R&D activity for the development of new products and contract manufacturing for laboratories and specialized distributors.

Throughout this work, our focus is to exploit functional and / or biological properties of natural molecules to offer alternatives to products from traditional chemistry largely based on oil exploitation.


Charlotte MOINE / Julien CELERIER
ESTER Technopole – 1 Avenue d’Ester - 87069 Limoges
Tel. +33(0)5 55 42 65 73 / Fax 33(0)5 55 35 88 20 /