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B Cell Design

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B Cell Design is a biotech company which designs and markets innovative products and concepts for health. Thanks to its expertise and technological platform, B Cell Design develops a portfolio of products, services and solutions for pharma and in vitro diagnostics companies.

B Cell Design is located in Limoges. The company sets up strong partnerships with main players in its area of expertise, that it is academic research laboratories or industrial worldwide companies of pharma and in vitro diagnostics fields. After 9 years of development, B Cell Design prepares the valorization of its therapeutic advances in oncology and also in fight against infectious diseases. In the same time, B Cell Design develops its international activity of products and services offer thanks to its ArkAb division.


B Cell Design is a company with head office in Limoges within the medical campus. The company investors are a wide range of people with some main players of IVD and pharma industries, who take part in the strategic decisions. The team is advised by renowned scientific partners in the different filed of activities. The worldwide development of the company is based on its ArkAb division for the in vitro diagnostics part and on its industrial and financial partners for the therapeutic part.

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Activités et produits

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Since its inception, B Cell Design is working on mucosal immunotherapy to set up innovative therapeutic approaches on growth markets. This lead to develop two main molecules:

  • A vaccine candidate in infectious disease: HIV vaccine, protected by an international patent (A new non HIV vaccine antigen from the vaginal microbiota capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective antibody response against HIV infection – European Patent 14305174.6) for a prophylactic and healing administration. The first tests show that it enables an efficient local protection against infection.
  • A drug candidate in oncology (colorectal cancer) for immunotherapy, x-ray immunotherapy, even medical imaging applications

ArkAb, an internal department of B Cell design, is dedicated to in vitro diagnostics market. Based on B Cell Design patented technological platform, ArkAb offers a wide range of technologies (HAMIGA™, GammaPrim™ and InEps™) for the development and industrial production of chimeric human antibodies. 

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Nos partenaires

Few years ago, B Cell Design has increased its expertise due to successful collaborations with scientific partners in therapeutics and diagnostics fields: CNRS, INSERM, Limoges University,  CRIBL, Strasbourg University,  IBCP, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, ILBTI, IMP, Saint-Etienne University, CIC-1408 INSERM/ANRS , GIMAP, CEA, SANOFI PASTEUR, IMAGINE Institute, Paris Descartes-Sorbonne University, Tours University, McGill Montréal University, …

On financial and operating plans, B Cell Design is supported by main players for the funding of innovation : BPI, ANR, Ministry of Research, Nouvelle Aquitaine and renowned organisms so as MEDICEN clusters, GIPSO, MabDesign, Medical Cluster, Invivolim, CBS, … 


B Cell Design SAS / Arkab

98 rue Charles Le Gendre
87000 Limoges

Tel +33 (0) 555 123 021