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A real interface between the research world and the business world, AVRUL helps to develop partnerships. AVRUL develops services for researchers, companies or organizations. It accompanies them through all the stages of their projects: of research collaborations, of technological transfers or in the creation of new businesses.

Activities and products

AVRUL has several missions :

  • detecting thanks to a structure that supports the maturation of projects, the know-how and inventions of the University which may be proposed to the business world. AVRUL accompanies the research-teachers from the laboratories in the technology transfer of their research. It proposes the most adapted transfer contract. 
  • identifying the partners and supporting collaborative projects between the business world (companies or any other business partner) and the University. 
  • negotiating and drafting agreements or contracts adapted to the needs and constraints of each partner, it provides legal advice, ensuring the terms of the intellectual property. It manages and follows through these contracts on behalf of the parties. 
  • advising and supporting the creation of new economic activities and innovative companies from the research results. 
  • participating in the transfer of skills and/or technologies issued from the University within the 
  • scope of a close partnership with the existing technology transfer centers. 
  • opening research towards the international market by creating new opportunities.


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Tél. 33 (0)5 55 35 88 60 / Fax 33 (0)5 55 35 95 04