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Spin off from B Cell Design, ArkAb focuses on the in vitro diagnostics market. ArkAb offers to IVD companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of chimeric human antibodies for several purposes:

  • Calibrators, positive controls and quality controls in in vitro diagnostic kits to replace human disease state plasma.
  • Immunocapture antibodies to replace mice antibodies which trigger false positive or false negative results due to HAMA antibodies (Human Antibody directed against Mouse Antibodies).
  • Research reagents for research studies (development or renewal of diagnostic kits, improvement of the products portfolio…).


ArkAb was created in 2015 as an internal department of B Cell Design (BCD), a 10-year old company focused on mucosal immunotherapy through monoclonal IgA antibodies.

In particular, BCD developed a vaccine candidate in infectious disease and a drug candidate in oncology (colorectal cancer)

ArkAb is dedicated to the in vitro diagnostics market and offers a wide range of technologies (HAMIGA™, GammaPrim™ and InEps™) for the development and industrial production of chimeric human antibodies. 

Activities and products


As sourcing of characterized disease state plasma can be difficult, particularly for autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases markers, ArkAb offers a large range of technologies for industrial manufacturing of human chimeric monoclonal antibodies as a cost effective alternative to human characterized disease state plasma.

Our products cover the main segments of the immunoassay for in vitro diagnostics market:

  • infectious disease,
  • autoimmunity,
  • allergy and food intolerance.

Moreover, we have some special products as lab reagents.

On top of our catalog, we offer custom made services: we can develop the cell lines producing the chimeric human antibodies targeting an antigen in few months.

Our activity can also apply to research laboratories in academic field, as well as in pharma and biotech industries. We can help you in your research area if you need our expertise in immunization, antibodies development, hybridoma or ELISA assay.

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ArkAb works in collaboration with main players of the in vitro diagnostics market. For our catalog products, our distributors are the German companies: DIARECT for autoimmunity parameters and SERION Immunologics for extended ToRCH range (infectious diseases).


Arkab - B Cell Design SAS

98 rue Charles Le Gendre
87000 Limoges

Tel +33 (0) 555 123 021