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Animal genomics and engineering.


IngenomiX is a biotechnology company focused on the study of genomes and the development of new genomics tools to assist breeders to select the best animals. Our skills cover the fields of genetics, biology, biostatistics and computational sciences.

IngenomiX is a biotechnology company created in 2010 by head of the French Limousine breeder organisation to implement genomic selection in Limousine cattle breed.
IngenomiX is based on the “Pôle de Lanaud”, in Boisseuil, France.

IngenomiX includes scientists (Ph.D., engineers, and technicians) who develop their own R&D topics in close contact with livestock specialists.

Activities and products

IngenomiX provides 2 types of services :

  • IngenomiX offers genomic tests EvaliM® to predict right to birth the genetic potential of Limousine cattle from a simple hair sample.  
    EvaliM® test delivers information on 12 traits: birth weight, growth, skeletal and muscular development, bone thickness, milking abilities, calving ease, pelvic opening and 4 morphologic traits of the udder. The tests include parentage testing, some genes of interest and genetic abnormalities.

  • IngenomiX offers its experience and engineering skills for third part R&D projects that requires integrating or expanding aspects of genomics.

Our Partners

- France Limousin Sélection & its R&D team (promotion agency of the Limousin breed).
- Limousin Herd-Book (association of Limousin cattle breeders).

Partnerships aimed:
Business partnerships and collaborative research projects.


Pôle de Lanaud
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