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Animal genomics and engineering.


IngenomiX is a young biotechnology company focused on the study of genomes and the development of new genomics tools to assist breeders for selecting the best animals. Our skills cover the areas of genetics, biological functions, biostatistics and bioinformatics.
IngenomiX was founded in august 2010 at the instigation of French Limousine cattle breed professional organizations, to incorporate recent discoveries in genomic engineering into selection tools adapted to Limousine’s breeders expectations. IngenomiX includes scientists (Ph.D., engineers, and technicians) who develop their own R&D topics in close contact wich livestock specialists.

Activities and products

IngenomiX provides 2 types of services :

  • commercialization of a range of new DNA tests for genomic selection of best animals in a herd. These tools help breeders of Limousine Cattle by identifying and following molecular signatures relatives to high performances to assess the genetic potential of an unknown animal, even when very young. Three genomic tests are available to breeders: EVALIM, OPTILIM and FLEXILIM, may analyze precisely up to 7 traits. The purpose of these genomic tools is to provide farmers an earlier way to know accurately the value of an animal and guide its selection choices accordingly. 
  • IngenomiX offers its experience and engineering skills for third part R&D projects that requires integrating or expanding aspects of genomics.

Our Partners

France Limousin Sélection (promotion agency of the Limousin breed)
Limousin Herd-Book (association of Limousin cattle breeders)


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