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Our skills

Green Biotechnology

InvivoLim proposes you its know-how in biotechnology applied to plants.


  • In vitro culture of plants

We realize in vitro culture of plants for the decorative horticulture and the tree nursery.We can advise you and/or realize service offers in research and development and more particularly in microdistribution by in-vitro culture.

Our expertise concerns the increase of production capacities (reduction of the time of culture and surfaces) and on the production of plants of high quality and unhurt of diseases (reduction of the phytosanitary treatments for the producer: greater safety and agro-environmental respect).


  • Plant glycobiology :

We are able to offer you an extraction of polysaccharides from plant material and to determine their structure. We also make changes to the cellulosic and hemicellulosic content of wood by genetic improvement.