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GEIST : Genomics, Environment, Immunity, Health and Therapeutics Institute

CNRS 3503 Research Federation

The GEIST Institute groups together all the teams from Limoges that are acknowledged in the fields of Biology, Health and the Environment. These teams interact and work hand-in-hand with the clinical teams. The institute enhances the potential of these teams in fields where they have international recognition and federates their research efforts around high-quality cross-sector projects in which multidisciplinary competencies are indispensable.


GEIST Institute, one of the four research institute of the University of Limoges, includes eleven research teams that fit into two distinct areas of science: Natural Ressources and BioHealth. In addition to the EPSTs involved in the acknowledgement of the teams (CNRS, INRA, INSERM), there is also a team labelled by the French Association for Cancer Research (ARC) and several National Reference Centres by the French Ministry for Health.

GEIST is constitued by more than 300 members, including 150 scientists, researchers, teachers and hospital doctors, 35 BIATSS and ITA (engineers, technicians and administrative staff) and more than hundred PhD students and post-PhD students.

Furthermore, this multidisciplinary structure coordinates the functioning of 5 technological platforms : CIM (Cytometry, Imaging, Mathematics), SCRABL (Limousin Joint Biomolecule Research and Analysis De­partment) which groups together proteomic analyses (2D electrophoresis), mass spectrometry and NMR, animal facilities, GénoLim which combines all classical and new-generation technology for sequencing and for studying RNA expression and CEBIMER (Centre for Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methodology). The great diversity of GEIST finds itself in the university education.

Indeed, it is the carrier element of the teachings of the University of the Sciences and Techniques and Medicine and Pharmacy department but also of 2 schools for PhD students of PRES Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (ED 523 Sciences for the Environment " Gay-Lussac " and ED 524 Biology-Health).

Activities and products

With its thematic focus of its research teams, the GEIST institute takes part of many applications in a regional, national and international context.

These are grouped into two main fields of activity with targeted skills :

  • Area of « Natural Substances »: Activities based on the themes « Water, Animal and Wood ». They aim to : (1) caracterise, improve and adapt animal, plant and aquatic resources to environmental and economic change; (2) Assure a sustainable exploitation of the animal, vegetable and aquatic resources in the context of the climate change ; (3) Study the impact of the animal and vegetable resources on the quality of waters, grounds and the environment and on the sustainability of the structures of production ; (4) Develop common tools of analysis of the biodiversity ; (5) Invent innovative, respectful treatment processes of waters, grounds and of the environment, for the liquid or solid effluents stemming from production chain.
  • Area of « Biology Health » : Activities based onthe  themes « 3IS : Immunity et Infection under ImmunoSupprative, Cancers and Neurosciences, degeneration and Public Health ». These activities look especially on aspects of infection / Septis, genetic instability, and apoptosis regulation. In therapeutics, areas of research are studies of cellular or microbial resistances, pharmacology of anti-tumor and immunosuppressive, and the study and development of anti-tumor molecules and bringing together key concepts targeting / reagents / biomarkers. In the field related to neurological diseases and environmental causes, the teams develop an expertise on the study of insanities and autonomy with skills in epidemiology.

In addition, by providing tools and technological skills and innovative solutions, the University Institute GEIST is naturally a key partner for the entire local economic and social sector in the field of earth and life sciences and biotechnology. Thus, the Institute develops and provides technological and/or scientific services or collaborations with regional companies (eg Glycode, B Cell Design IngenomiX,...) but also national companies avid to use their analytical know-how or to develop original experimental protocols.


GEIST Institute through the teams that is composed carrying an average of 125 publications and about twenty thesis supported a year.

It is very involved in the national and international collaborations developed by the teams by playing for example a structuring role in the scientific animation and in international request for proposal. It has developed important relationships with institutional bodies (Limousin Region, OSEO, ICC ...) or industries and invests through national or international projects about 1.5 million per year. About ten companies in incubation are or were associated with a laboratory of the Institute.


Lionel Forestier / Ingénieur, représentant GEIST au sein d’InvivoLim
University of Limoges / Faculty of Sciences and Technology / 123, Avenue Albert Thomas / 87060 Limoges Cedex Tel. 33(0)5 55 45 76 56/ Fax 33(0)5 55 45 76 53

Véronique Blanquet, Professeur, Directrice de l’Institut
Université de Limoges / Faculté des Sciences et techniques / 123, Avenue Albert Thomas / 87060 Limoges Cedex Tél. 33(0)5 55 45 76 64/ Fax 33(0)5 55 45 76 53 / vé

Pierre-Marie Preux, Professeur, Directeur adjoint de l’Institut
Université de Limoges / Faculté de Médecine / 2 rue du Dr Marcland / 87025 Limoges  Cedex
Tél. 33(0)5 55 43 59 61 /  pierre-marie.preux