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Our skills


You have a project in the field of cosmetics, we can help you develop at several levels : 


  • Development of active products : extraction, purification, analyse

InvivoLim prpose to develop your active products for the composition of your cosmetics. 

These extracts  may have different origins.

The first option is the synthesis by the pathways of classical organic chemistry. However, we prefer the clean green chemistry processes and semisynthesis.

We also offer to produce and purify proteins or extracts obtained from the fractionation of plant material. These plants can be obtained through conventional or organic cultures. We can, in this last case, insure you a label ECOCERT.

According to your needs, we can perform a series of tests : physico-chemical characterization, qualitative screening, custom-made methods of analysis...


  • Elaboration and Formulation of cosmetics

Our network will help you find the best formulation for your cosmetics.

We are experts in the plant formulation and development of many forms of cosmetic (emulsions, gels, aqueous and oily solutions, scrubs, foaming, funds dyed, lipstick).

We can also provide you an aqueous source which is safe and weakly mineralized: mineral water from Treignac.

Depending on your needs, we realize the encapsulation of active ingredients and packaging on semi-finished products.

InvivoLim can make the analysis and the stability tests of your products.

We perform stability tests and physico-chemical and microstructural study, microbiological stability or challenge testing. Nous sommes également dotés de procédés de détection et de comptage rapide de micro-organismes pour vous assurer de la stérilité de vos cosmétiques.


  • Evaluation of the products on the skin

A group of fifteen experts evaluate the sensory properties of your cosmetics. We are ready to measure the effectiveness of your products (corneometer, sebumeter, visioscan, i-scope, fringe projection, cutometer, stinging test).