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Department of AVRUL Incubator

The Department of AVRUL Incubator, public incubator created in 2000 as part of the law on innovation, is located in Limoges Ester Technopole. It support and assiste the company creation project bearers.

Activities and products

The incubator’s missions are as follows :

  • Sensitization, detection and assessment of company creation projects within academic teaching establishments or research bodies, 
  • Hosting and logistics support for company project bearers, 
  • Support for creators during the creation of their company projects, 
  • Information and introduction to industrial partners, financial or scientific managers, 
  • Creator training.

The incubator provides assistance :

By providing the minimum necessary infrastructure to each project bearer,

  • By granting incubation grants,
  • In preparing for Ministry competitions,
  • In defining Business plans,
  • In the search for funding,
  • In contacts with the University or Engineering schools,
  • In the search for bearers and/or co-bearers…

The incubator currently supports 15 projects in the biotechnology, materials, electronics, mechanica engineering and humanities fields.


Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Regional Council of the Limousin, FEDER, Limoges Métropole, University of Limoges, Engineering Schools (3iL, ENSCI, ENSIL), Oséo-Anvar, CCI …


A.V.R.U.L. Incubator Department 
Ester Technopole / 1 avenue d’Ester / 87069 Limoges Cedex
Tél. 33(0)5 55 35 71 40 / Fax 05 55 35 88 20 /